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The Bookman's Wake (Cliff Janeway Novels) The Bookman’s WakeJohn Dunning; Pocket Star 1996WorldCatCliff Janeway has settled nicely into his used bookstore in Denver. Another ex-policeman approaches him with an extra job. He asks Janeway to take a bounty hunter job in bringing a suspect back from Seattle to Taos, New Mexico. Janeway turns down the job until the hook. It seems there is an unusual, limited edition book that the suspect was trying to steal when she purportedly shot at the owners of the home she was burgling.

Janeway flies to Seattle to pick up (yes) Eleanor Rigby. He discovers she is a book scout; the most important thing in her life is hunting down first edition and special edition books at a good price and reselling them to someone who will pay top dollar. Her thrill is in the hunt for the book, something any bookman can appreciate.

They spend a day scouting the Seattle thrift shops and used bookstores until they have to fly to New Mexico that evening. Unfortunately, within an hour before the plane is to leave, she is kidnapped. Now Janeway has to hunt her down. He is following through on the mystery of the special edition books printed by a small book printer in Seattle at the same time.

The two are intertwined. Her father worked for the small printer before he died in a fire in 1969. The book she was trying to steal was printed at this company. Janeway knows there is more to it. There are more connections he has to discover as he digs deeper hunting for her and learns about the small printer. There appears to be one more book by the printer that was printed but not published.

Once again Dunning has given us a fascinating mystery set in the book collector’s world. We learn more about collecting 20th century authors and the scams in the book industry. The mystery is well done and involving. It does not need the first book, Booked to Die except as some background on Janeway himself. Other than that, there is no ongoing thread between the books. It is excellent reading.

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