The Bookman’s Promise by John Dunning


MysteryThe Bookman's Promise by John Dunning

The Bookman’s PromiseDunning, John; Scribner 2004WorldCatCliff Janeway has made the purchase of his lifetime. A rare book by the 19th century explorer, Sir Richard Burton, came up for auction. Janeway knew Burton’s work and wanted this book for himself. He was the highest bidder, almost $30,000. He returned to Denver a happy bookman.

Inside the cover is an unusual inscription. It is to Charlie Warren, a man never mentioned in Burton’s books or biography. Who was Charlie? Janeway knows it is over 100 years to late to find out about Charlie now. Or is it? When an elderly woman travels from Baltimore to Denver to fine Janeway and the rare book, a mystery hunt gets started. A local judge who is one of Janeway’s friends, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, a struggling couple, a young smart lawyer, a nursing home volunteer, some booksellers in Baltimore, a Mafia-type thug, and some National Park rangers are involved before Janeway has discovered who is Charles Warren and why one innocent woman gets killed for for the rare book.

A Bookman’s Promise is a deceptive book. The first two books in John Dunning’s series pulled me right in and kept punching. This is not the case with A Bookman’s Promise. Instead I was lured in, then held without realizing it. Although it gets intense, I never got that sense. The intrigue kept my attention. It was difficult to stop to do school work when I really wanted to spend a couple hours finding out what happens in the story. Enjoy.

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