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The Book of the Dead The Book of the DeadLincoln Child; Douglas Preston; Grand Central Publishing 2006WorldCatIn this sequel to Dance of Death, Special FBI Agent Aloysius Pendergast is in a high security federal prison for a murder he didn’t commit. His brother Diogenes has framed him. Diogenes kidnapped Lady Viola Maskelene, stole the New York Museum of Natural History’s fancy diamond collection,  killed four people, then disappeared when the police were close to an apprehension. Only now is anyone beginning to suspect that Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta was right that Diogenes is not dead as had been thought for twenty years.

The Museum of Natural History has a public relations crisis. A special endowment allows them to reopen an old Egyptian tomb that had closed in the 1930’s. They decide to have a gala party at the opening of the Tomb of Senef and shore up their image. Nora Kelly is put in charge of opening the old tomb in its basement chambers and getting it ready for a new exhibit. An Egyptian archeology expert and a computer special effects genius are hired to make the show realistic and spectacular.

Pendergast’s friends and allies are sure Diogenes has yet another plan still to put in action as retribution against his brother and mankind. But they need to discover Diogenes’ alter ego, get Pendergast out of prison, and stop whatever scheme has been planned. Even one of the people who would have convicted Pendergast, New York Police Captain Laura Hayward, is beginning to suspect that all is not well. Her gut feeling gets worse when she is given the security assignment for the Tomb of Senef blockbuster party.

If you haven’t read Dance of Death, don’t read The Book of the Dead. Even better, read Brimstone before either of these two books. This novel is predictable in places and totally surprising in others. I was especially surprised when Diogenes discovered another nemesis besides Aloysius. The twists and turns excite and keep the reader’s interest. If you’re a Preston/Child fan, you’ll enjoy The Book of the Dead. If you haven’t read their stuff before, try this trilogy. If you like action suspense, you’ll be hooked.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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