The Bond That Ties Us by Christine D’Abo


Science FictionThe Bond That Ties Us by Christine D'AboParanormal RomanceHaylie Bond has transferred to the space colony Eurus has the new chief of security. As soon as she steps into the processing facility on the planet, though, she is overwhelmed by…erotic feelings. Her body reacts immediately, making it difficult to continue. She realizes that the closer she is to the Briel ambassador, Kamran, the stronger her feelings. She is barely able to keep control through the initial arrival and welcome speech.

Kamran is also knocked sideways by his reaction to Haylie. Briel males bond for a lifetime to a woman in this manner – the overwhelming sexual attraction. But Haylie isn’t Briel – she’s human. Even so, Kamran knows he has found his life bond-mate. Now he has to convince her.

There’s another problem. Someone is trying to kill them both, as well as most of the humans and Briel on Eurus. There is another space faring race also trying to claim the planet. They have planted a spy in among the colony residents to disrupt the Briel-human delegations to establish their own presence.

The Bond That Ties Us is paranormal erotica with a bit of mystery thrown in. The spy is fairly obvious in Christine D’Abo’s novel by the time the reader is half way through the book. The sex is hot. The mystery/conflict story line is weak.

D’Abo has set up an interesting cultural precedent with the Briel. It’s a matriarchal society that allow the men to work only until they are bonded. Then they retire to the family home on their own planet. Bonds (marriages) are on the decline and the number of women are decreasing. The Bond That Ties Us is the first of a series planned by D’Abo, so expect more hot scenes in future books.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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