The Black Dudley Murder by Margery Allingham


Historical Mystery

The Black Dudley Murder The Black Dudley MurderMargery Allingham; Carroll & Graf Publishers 2000WorldCatOriginally published as The Crime at Black Dudley

George Abbershaw is going to Black Dudley household to join a weekend party. The owner of the mansion, Wyatt Petrie, is a friend of George’s. George accepted on the condition that Meggie Oliphant also be invited. George has realized he is in love with Meggie and wants a chance to pursue the relationship.

On the first night of the weekend Wyatt introduces them to his infirm uncle who also resides at the mansion and to a gruesome family history. This leads to an “in the dark” game that has since become family lore. The game ends when the uncle has a heart attack and dies. George is a doctor and is called upon to sign the death certificate. Although he signs under duress, he can tell the uncle was murdered instead.

More secrets start emerging. The weekend party find themselves under siege from a group of criminals. George, along with Meggie and another guest, Albert Campion, must find a way to escape the house before everyone is killed. The more he learns, the more George wonders who really did kill the uncle.

This is the first book of the Albert Campion series. While Campion plays a major role, George Abbershaw is the primary character and detective in this book. I understand that the author liked the Campion character so much in this book that he took on a life of his own and she continued on with many more Campion adventures. Even in this book he tends to dominate the primary characters.

This is an enjoyable mystery. As more became known I guessed who was the real murderer but had no reason or motive until all was revealed at the end. There is also a twist here and there to keep the reader guessing.

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