The Beetle and the Berry by Annie Applefield


The Beetle and the Berry by Annie ApplefieldChildrenReview by Molly

Annie Applefield’s The Beetle and the Berry is one of the books my resident critics Osage County First grade, enjoys as a paper book to hold and take home for at home reading.

The story line concerning a diminutive beetle who finds a huge, yummy berry and his dilemma for how to get that big delectable treat. Arthur realizes that nice big berry is more than enough to feed him for a whole week. If only he can get that berry home.

Arthur the Beetle is excited.  He is sure his berry is going to taste so good.  Arthur begins to move the berry toward his home.  Unexpectedly, the berry stopped rolling and Arthur was presented a giant sized dilemma to work out.  He must get that berry home, but how to do it?

Oh, how Arthur wants that berry.  It is too big for him to tote, it is too much for him to push home.  Arthur just has to find a way to get that berry home if he is going to get to relish the flavorsome treat.

How Arthur works out his predicament and gets the berry to his house is what The Beetle and the Berry is all about.

The Beetle and the Berry is a fun book for listening to and it is a fun book to read to parents and siblings.  My resident critics  often choose The Beetle and the Berry for DEAR reading time, storytime on the rug just before we go home, and take home to read to family.

I enjoyed the storyline, as well as the opportunity The Beetle and the Berry presents for home school teachers, classroom teachers, and parents to guide Little Readers discussion regarding problems and problem solving. The Beetle and the Berry is a work classroom teachers will find useful for student’s to use during ‘free time reading’ and for ‘student tutor’ use.

Invigorated by his discovery of a berry, Arthur begins to get his berry home.  First he tries head on and begins pushing the berry, he is already planning how much he is going to enjoy eating that berry.

And suddenly, Arthur’s berry stops moving, and Arthur the Beetle has to work out how to get it unstuck.

As Little Readers recite the words they start to apprehend that sometimes coming at a quandary straight on may not work.

After reading the book Little Readers get their journals and write three sentences telling how Arthur solved his problem and why his method works better than trying to storm head long into the problem. And, they add a suggestion how they might try to solve a problem in a similar situation.  There are times when a problem can be best be solved by backing off, and coming at it from a new direction.

Home school teachers and parents will find The Beetle and the Berry is a good addition to the home library.

Writer Applefield has created a number of children’s books.  She recognizes what children delight in and utilizes the vocabulary used in children’s reading books.  Writer Annie Applefield’s The Beetle and the Berry helps introduce problem solving and then strengthens the theory for children in easy to understand manner.

The Beetle and the Berry is a read to book for the 3 – 5 set, a read with some direction for the 5 and 6 year olds, and a read alone for children who read on a first/second reader level.

Sixteen thumbs up from Osage County First Grade.

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