Texas! Sage by Sandra Brown



Texas! Sage by Sandra Brown Texas! SageSandra Brown; Bantam Books 1992WorldCatThis is the final novel in Sandra Brown’s Texas! series. The first two are Texas! Lucky and Texas! Chase. Lucky and Chase are the Tyler brothers. Sage is the younger sister.

In this novel Lucky and Chase are struggling very hard to make their land turn a profit. Sage returns from college to meet their new help/partner, Harlan Boyd. At the beginning of the book Harlan comes to take Sage home and unsupectingly witnesses an embarrassing scene.

Sage immediately feels she cannot trust him. She believes Harlan is hiding something. Yet he seems to be trying to help her brothers succeed. Sparks fly between them, but of course Sage tries to deny them.

I enjoyed this story the most of the three. The story is told from both Sage’s and Harlan’s viewpoint. We quickly realize that Sage is right, Harlan is hiding something.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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