Ten Thousand Islands by Randy Wayne White


MysteryTen thousand islands Ten Thousand IslandsRandy Wayne White; Berkeley Prime Crime 2000WorldCatDoc Ford is approached by a neighbor to help her friend. Della Copeland’s daughter had committed suicide seven years earlier. She kept two archaeological artifacts when daughter died. One was buried with her daughter. Now someone is searching her home. The police won’t listen. Can Doc help?

Doc and his friend Tomlinson travel to Dinkin’s Bay to help Dorothy’s mother. As they head down, someone tries to break into Dorothy’s grave. Is this someone looking for the Calusa Indians artifacts that Dorothy found? Doc finds himself identifying with Dorothy.

He joins an archeologist to visit the site where Dorothy found the artifacts years before. There they discover construction equipment destroying the archeological site. When they are discovered, the trio attacks Doc and the archeologist. The attackers are related to Frank Rossi, the man running the construction site a few miles away. The construction company belongs to Ivan Bauerstock. Bauerstock is reputed to have had mob connections in the past. But now he has gone straight and is pushing his son to become the next state senator in Florida. His son had also been one of Dorothy’s friends.

Doc wants to find out what is happening – now and seven years earlier. The artifacts, especially the gold medallion, are the center of the mystery of Dorothy and Della Copeland. Meanwhile, a hurricane is heading straight for them.

Randy Wayne White brings the Florida Gulf Coast, Doc Ford, Tomlinson, and the environs alive. Doc’s work with the sea creatures and marine biology is fascinating. It has taught me more than I expected about the different creatures in the ocean. The mystery has its roots in a real event from a discovery in 1969 of an ancient gold medallion. It also had tragedy surrounding it. Ten Thousand Islands works from there and gives a good detective mystery.

Notice: Graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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