Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh


Paranormal RomanceRomantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseTangle of Need by Nalini Singh Tangle of Need
Nalini Singh; Berkley Books 2012

After a failed relationship, Adria comes home to live with the SnowDancer changeling clan and her family. She stayed with the less dominant changeling man for years before finally giving up on him. Now she feels like a failure. She needs her family and her pack. She is a strong dominant wolf changeling. She doubts she’ll be able to trust another man to care for her and stay with her.

Riaz returns to California and the pack. He had been in Europe as the SnowDancer representative and ambassador with changeling packs and businesses there. While he was there he found the woman who is his mate. But she is happily married to another man. Riaz returns home to SnowDancer, broken hearted. He knows that his feelings will fade over time but it’s still too new. He can’t consider another relationship yet because it still feels like a betrayal to a woman who has a life with another man.

Both Adria and Riaz feel an overwhelming attraction for the other. They fight their own feelings because of their pasts – her mistrust and his sense of honor. They still have to work together. He is her lieutenant. SnowDancer and the DarkRiver leopard clans are on high alert. The pack’s alpha, Hawke, is bonded with a powerful Psy, Sienna. Recently the Psy clan learned Sienna is still alive and how powerful she is. They want to kidnap her back to them.

Hawke promises Sienna that she will not be taken back to be a weapon for the Psy race. Her metal abilities could be twisted to kill half a continent with no remorse. Neither Sienna nor Hawke will allow that. SnowDancer and DarkRiver packs agree and approve. Sienna is as important as Hawke is to his pack.

Riaz finally gives in to his wolf and starts pursuing Adria. He realizes he isn’t being fair to her and is able to let the other woman go. Adria begins to trust him and her feelings. When they go to Venice on business they see the woman with her husband across the room. Riaz’s wolf is coming to peace with himself. Adria is more important to him. But when the woman shows up in San Francisco, Adria is sure she will lose Riaz. She saw one man change from a lover into a different person. She doesn’t want to live through that again.

All the previous books in Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series featuring a changeling have had a strong mating bond, a psychic link, between the couples. Riaz’s mate has been identified. He can’t have that bond with anyone else. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this couple at the beginning of Tangle of Need. I felt their baggage would be a hindrance for me,the reader. But Singh twists it around into an enticing romance.

Tangle of Need is paranormal suspense as well as romance. It is timed during a holding period – Psy are trying to kidnap Sienna, the Psy Council is breaking apart, and different members are going rogue, trying to take all the power, thus control the world. The far-seers can only see war in the future. There are attacks but the major conflict is still in the future books in this series.

If the reader is only interested in the romance, Tangle of Need is great for that. But to get the whole story in the book, I suggest going back to earlier books in the Psy-Changeling series. To get the full effect, start with the first one, Slave to Sensation. Singh’s futuristic world is richly built. The characters continue to build even as new characters are introduced into the storyline.

Tangle of Need is a wonderful book for the reader who enjoys good, strong paranormal romantic suspense. (So is the fantasy the changelings and psy, or is it the the extremely hunky men???)

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong language

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