Taming a Sea-Horse by Robert B. Parker


MysteryTaming a Sea-Horse by Robert B. ParkerTaming a Sea-Horse
Robert B. Parker; Dell Pub. 1987

There’s a reason Robert B. Parker’s Spenser detective novels have remained popular for over 40 years. Spenser is a man’s detective, yet appeals to women as well. He’s tough and the novels often deal with tough subjects, but Parker kept them low key, using Spenser’s witty, droll voice to keep them humorous as well as suspenseful. The reader knows Spenser will win (they’re usually told in his first person voice) and the blood and gore won’t be graphic. Parker has passed on, but the Spenser novels remain.

Taming a Sea-Horse deals with teen aged prostitution, pimps, abusive families, madams, and the wealthy buying what they want when they want. Despite the seriousness of the topic in this 30-year-old book, Parker kept the tone light. He was also rebuilding Spenser and Susan’s relationship, so their romance is very important to the overall story.

April Kyle was a prostitute who didn’t want “saved”. Parker had helped her find a job in an upscale bordello in New York City. The madam contacted Spenser when April left for another job with a man “who loved her”. April can’t believe he is only pimping her, even after Spenser tries to show her the truth. When the pimp and another young hooker are killed, Spenser knows there is more. His investigations take him from Maine to the Caribbean as he uncovers a prostitution ring that caters to the wealthy.

The pacing of Parker’s Taming a Sea-Horse is well done, with the clues being uncovered slowly, yet quickly enough to keep the reader’s attention. The ending is real-life, which means there isn’t complete satisfaction. Not all the bad guys are stopped. Spenser’s main goal is to save April, perhaps even finally getting her out of the life. Anything he accomplishes is beyond that is a bonus.

For classic Spenser, check out Taming a Sea-Horse.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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