Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery


RomanceSweet Trouble by Susan MalleryFive years earlier Jesse’s sister Nicole kicked her out. Nicole caught Jesse with her now ex-husband. Jesse swore she didn’t do anything, but neither Nicole nor Matt, the man Jesse loved, believed her. She tried to tell Matt she was pregnant with his baby, but he didn’t believe that, either. She ran away from Seattle, her sisters, and Matt.

Now Jesse is returning home. She wants to reunite with her sisters. She wants to join in the family bakery business and help it grow. She wants Gabe, her son, to know his daddy. In her wildest dreams, she hopes Matt is still single and could love her again.

Matt is single but when he meets Gabe and realizes what he missed, he is furious with Jesse. She has a heart for Matt, but she keeps it hidden because of his outrage. Nicole hasn’t let go of her anger although she has remarried a wonderful man and has her own children. Their third sister, Claire, tries to calm both of their antagonism. Jesse brings her new recipe for the bakery and new ideas. Although Jesse knows it wasn’t a mistake to return home, she almost wishes she could leave again. Yet she has to prove she’s grown up to herself as well as those she loves.

Sweet Trouble is the third book in Susan Mallery’s Keyes sisters trilogy. Like Sweet Talk and Sweet Spot, Sweet Trouble is hot romance and happy reunion. Mallery handles the troubles between the sisters with a light touch for the happy ending rather than the angst that could overshadow the books. Mallery’s sexy romances stay upbeat as she often handles awkward family problems (the Marcellis, the Lone Star Sisters, etc).

When a Mallery book is picked up, the reader expects seductive romance and happy ever after. Sweet Trouble meets expectations with adversity leading to the storybook ending. Enjoy the escape into Mallery’s Sweet Trouble.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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