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Sweet Starfire Sweet StarfireJayne Ann Krentz; Grand Central Publishing 2004WorldCatSweet Starfire is another charming romantic science fiction novel from Jayne Ann Krentz.

Although her parents are Harmonics, Cidra isn’t. She doesn’t have the genes – instead she’s a Wolf. Harmonics can speak to each other telepathically and are very logical. Wolves are the rest of the people in their star system. Their emotions rule and they can argue and fight. Cidra was raised in Clementia in the Harmonic society. She believes there is an artifact in the system that can change her from a Wolf to a Harmonic.

Cidra is certain the artifact can be found with information on the planet Renaissance. She decides to work her way there on a small mail carrier. She approaches Teague Severance first. When Severance turns her down, she approaches another mail man. But Severance knows the second man, and knows Cidra wouldn’t be safe with him. Severance sees her determination and reluctantly agrees to take her himself.

Now that Cidra is away from Clementia, she begins to experience life the way other Wolves do. She still has her training to anchor her, but she discovers there is more to herself than she realized. She is able to work her passage to Renaissance. The small mail craft is very crowded. At the end of the trip, Severance quickly gets her off the ship to stay with a researcher friend. That night someone breaks into the research facility and attacks the researcher. Cidra is able to chase him away. After that, Severance refuses to leave Cidra. He has to protect her. When his next delivery is down the jungle river of Renaissance, Cidra joins him. Unfortunately, the trip doesn’t go as planned…

Krentz has imagined a jungle full of carnivorous creatures all ready to attack and eat anything possible. The only protection is a group of electronic barriers. Outside those barriers are gleaming eyes, triangle shaped heads, plants that ooze an acidic poison that eats through its prey, hoppers with teeth that can eat through a person’s leg, and other fantastic creatures. There are hints of the planet she now describes as Harmony in her Jayne Castle Ghost Hunter books. Sweet Starfire was left with loose ends for a sequel that was never published.

Sweet Starfire is one of her earlier full novels. Cidra is a deceptive character, hiding much under the placid, controlled exterior. Severance is the manly man of this type of romance novel. Krentz twines them well together and throws in the extra challenges the planet presents. The characters are believable but some of the animals aren’t.

Sweet Starfire is a enjoyable novel, but not one of Krentz’ stronger ones. I like romances with this type of setting, so I was well satisfied. Krentz does them well; it makes me wish it were time for another Harmony book to be published.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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