Strata by Terry Pratchett


Science Fiction

Strata StrataTerry Pratchett; Corgi 2005WorldCatKin Aran is a supervisor for the Company. The company builds worlds and places humans on it. These worlds include complete geological histories for future generations to discover. Kin hears the rumor of a flat world. She doesn’t believe it because she doesn’t know how it could sustain itself. Yet she and two other beings, Marco, from a warrior race, and Silver, a diplomat, search for this flat world.

When they find it they can’t believe it. And they are trapped on it. So they explore. There has to be some sort of well hidden mechanism that sustains such a strange planet where the water continuously runs off the edge of the world. Besides, perhaps they can find a way to escape.

Strata is a pre-Discworld book and the genesis of the Discworld. The novel itself is fair reading. But it is interesting to Discworld readers because the beginnings of the fantasy world we enjoy are here in Strata. Terry Pratchett put his imagination to work here and developed it into a fun series. Death even shows up here, although he doesn’t last long. Pratchett also threw an interesting, unexpected twist in at the end of his book. He lets the reader think about the beginnings of our Earth and humankind…

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