The Starcrossed by Ben Bova


Science Fiction

The starcrossed The StarcrossedBen Bova; Chilton Book Co. 1975WorldCatIn the near future of the United States, television has been developed to project in 3-D. Bill Oxnard, the creator of 3-D television, has been summoned to the studios of Titanic Productions. The first 3-D projections are grainy and shimmery. Oxnard has developed the next generation of 3-D that looks completely lifelike. Bernard Finger, the owner and head of Titanic, has optioned this invention for his network to produce the first television program using the new technology.

But the new show is going to be shot on a shoe string. The writer for the new show has a long going feud with Finger. The executive producer moves the production to Canada to get away from his current girlfriend. The director is avoiding alimony and the IRS in the United States and is trying to kick a drug habit. He hasn’t had a good show or movie for years. The starring actress is gorgeous and not what she seems. The starring actor is a muscular hockey player who speaks Neanderthal er, uh, thug English. The series will be lucky if it survives its first seven episodes.

Ben Bova kicked his sense of humor into high gear for this novel. This book was written in the 1970’s and we’re close but don’t have 3-D television yet. Except for the technology presented, the novel is timely and fun. It feels like what we deal with all the time for new television shows. Starcrossed is tongue in cheek fun. It’s an easy read just for fun. When you need a break from deep reading (I was finishing Through the Eyes of a Survivor when I read this), this story fills the bill with its light farce. Don’t expect great literature – instead expect some smiles.

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