Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster


FantasySpellsinger SpellsingerAlan Dean Foster; I Books 2004WorldCatImagine sitting around your own home relaxing with an halucenogenic and suddenly you find yourself tripping over an otter that is over five feet tall. Not only that, but the otter talks with a cockney accent and wears clothes. You would wait for the drug to wear off so you could shake off the strange dreams.

Jon Meriweather found this happening to him. But when the otter stabbed him in the side he wondered why the pain was so bad if this was a hallucination. And that appeared to be real blood. Thus Jon-Tom finds himself yanked from the world he knew as a graduate student in college to another world where all warm blooded animals are sentient as well.

Mudge, the otter, takes Jon-Tom to the local, powerful wizard. The wizard admits to calling to another world for help. It was Clothahump the wizard’s spell that pulled Jon-Tom to this world. He was trying to get another wizard to help him combat the coming evil. Mudge is assigned the task of introducing Jon-Tom to this new world while Clothahump works on pulling a real wizard into his world and returning Jon-Tom.

This books starts off very well. The writing is exciting and grabbing. By the end of the novel the writing had dropped off. This novel is about Jon-Tom adjusting to this new world and finding his talent, if any. His pre-law training was no help in this new world.

Spellsinger is the beginning of a series of novels. It is obvious the evil will not be faced by the end of this novel. That will come in a future sequel. This tale ends well even though there obviously is more to come.

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