Special Deliverance by Clifford D. Simak


Science FictionSpecial Deliverance by Clifford D. Simak Special DeliveranceClifford D. Simak; Del Rey 1982WorldCatProfessor Edward Lansing let his curiosity take over. A student told him about an unusual slot machine. When he investigates, he finds himself in a world unlike anything he had ever known. He meets up with five other displaced people who begin a trek to discover the mystery they have been thrown into.

This new world seems abandoned except for a few inn owners and card players. The disparate group start exploring. Each brings along facets of his or her personality that can jeopardize their unknown mission. This new world is so different that any of them can be killed by ignorance of the dangers facing them. They are players learning the rules to a new game as they play.

I liked the beginning of this book, but quickly grew bored once Lansing transported to the new world. Simak has interesting elements in this land yet my attention wandered. It was slow reading with occasional sparks of interest.

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  1. Comment by Jandy:

    I read this again, and like it better the second time. The protagonists are not especially strong or worthy or intelligent. They are average people behaving the way they have always behaved. This is a book about determination and a person’s choices. The final prize was determined by the characters’ perseverance.


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