Space Rocks! by Tom O’Donnell


TweenScience FictionSpace Rocks! by Tom O'DonnellWhen a space alien lands on your planet and starts mining invaluable minerals without your permission, what do you do? Do you attack? Do you watch them? Do you confront them? That’s what the people on Gelo have to decide.

Chorkle, one of the younglings, is on the surface watching the hoo-mins. As he watches four of them, he realizes they are younglings like he is. He watches them race and play. And he is able to take one of their holo machines. A new realm of games pulls Chorkle into the human worlds.

Meanwhile, the Xotonians want the beings from Eo, the blue third planet, to return to their home. They decide to use a forbidden weapon to cause an asteroid quake, crumbling the ground under the Eo ship. The oldest Xotonian tries to stop them with dire warnings. But most people think Hudka is a senile crank. Chorkle is Hudka’s grandbeing. Chorkle sneaks out to visit the human ship. Then disaster happens. Now Chorkle is the host of stranded humans who are almost out of air in their ship. Chorkle takes them underground into Xotonian oxygen rich tunnels.

Tom O’Donnell gives the tween a rollicking fun space story. In Space Rocks! the humans from Earth are the invading aliens and the peaceful Xotonians want to defend their mineral-rich asteroid. It’s up to the young teens to save the day if they can.

O’Donnell has Chorkle tell the book in his first person voice. The humans are seen as the aliens – one with the fuzzy red top, the duplicate humans, and one with the scratchy voice. Space Rocks! shows humans from the outside, making us laugh at ourselves.  An adult won’t appreciate the story as much, but still can be amused at Chorkle and his new friends.

Space Rocks! is a cute story aimed at the tween age group with teens that any reader will identify with – both human and Xotonian.

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