Soul Harvest by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins


Soul HarvestGeneral FictionChristian fictionScience FictionSoul HarvestTim F. LaHaye; Tyndale House Publishers 1999WorldCatthe World Takes Sides

At the end of Nicolae Buck Williams is trying to get home to his wife Chloe in Chicago. But the world is in upheaval – literally. The Earth has earthquakes across the globe. Although he is close crossing that last small section is near impossible. At the opening of Soul Harvest Buck is almost to their church building. He finds a destroyed building and dead church members – some good friends. But the hidden underground bunker is intact, although blocked, and it’s visitor safe. Buck keeps going to the house where he and Chloe have been living. He can’t find her in the wreckage.

Rayford Steele survives the earthquakes in a helicopter with Nicolae Carpathia, the Potentate of the World. Steele knows the man is the anti-Christ but still is appalled when Carpathia commands them to take off with callous disregard for the people on the collapsing building below them. When the ground finally quits shaking they are directed to a place that had been hidden in the desert. Carpathia had been prepared for this possible devestation and had secretly had a new underground shelter fully prepared in opulence for he and his staff. He can continue to rule the Global Community as usual. Ray’s wife Amanda had been on a jet flying back to New Babylon to join him when the earthquakes struck. He doesn’t know where she is.

Neither man thinks his wife is dead. Buck doesn’t find Chloe’s body at the house. He gets Ben Judah from the underground bunker and together they search. They find another church member’s home where they can stay while trying to find her and continue Tsion Ben Judah’s ministry. Buck then hears of a woman who may be Chloe who had been taken to the hospital after a building fell on her. He follows this trail using his connections to keep searching.

The jet that Amanda was supposed to have taken crashed into the Tigris River. Yet another woman who had been with her had gotten off and boarded a different plane. Had Amanda really taken that plane? He doesn’t feel as though she is dead. Besides, he has to get her name cleared. The helicopter pilot tells Ray about rumors he has heard that she is really working for Carpathia. Ray doesn’t believe that she isn’t one of the Tribulation Force.

Soul Harvest doesn’t stop from beginning to end. As part of the Left Behind series it continues a fictional telling of the end time prophecies in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. The earthquakes are part of the seven judgements that afflict the Earth. The mark of the Christian appears on each believer. Carpathia is gaining power.

The whole book/series is written from Buck’s and Ray’s viewpoints. In this one Chloe, Amanda, and other female characters are background characters for most of the novel as their husbands practically tear things apart in order to find them. The Christian theme is dominant along with the Salvation Plan. More secondary characters come to believe in Christ; others reject Him more firmly. Like Nicolae, this one ends with as many questions as have been answered. But this time, instead of waiting, I went right on to Apollyon.

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