Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman


FantasySoon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman Soon I Will Be Invincible
Austin Grossman; Pantheon Books 2007

What does a super hero do when s/he isn’t busy rescuing the world? What does a super villain think about while preparing to take over the world? What happens when a super hero/villain gets older? Or when the powers start fading? How does a new super hero get accepted into “the club”? What makes super heroes and super villains good or bad? Austin Grossman examines those questions in his humorous satiric novel, Soon I Will Be Invincible.

Fatale is a cyborg who was created to be a super military machine. But her project lost its funding. She joins the NSA for a while but that doesn’t last for long. Now she takes free lance jobs when she can get them. Then she gets a visit from Damsel, one of the leaders of the Champions. The Champions are the second generation of the super heroes groups. They had also broken up, but are rebanding. One of their best, Corefire, is missing. Of course Fatale accepts the invitation. She gets to meet the famous heroes and perhaps even help them.

This is the twelfth time Doctor Impossible has been in jail. He is in a carefully guarded and monitored prison cell with nothing in it. He can make a weapon out of almost anything. When two young super hero wannabes visit him, Dr. Impossible is taken from his secure area. They want to interview him. Instead, he escapes the prison – again. He has been thinking about his newest plan the whole time he was in prison. Now he has to hide out (in Brooklyn), get some money, and start building his new equipment. Then he can return to his old lab and build his newest creation to take over the world.

Of course the Champions want to catch Dr. Impossible. They blame him for Corefire’s death, even though Impossible was in jail when it happened. They also want to prove they’re still important. Of course Dr. Impossible wants to rule the world. He is one of the highest IQ geniuses in the world. He didn’t want to be a good guy so instead he builds grandiose plots.

Soon I Will Be Invincible is a cute romp that looks at the other side of fame and glory. The chapters are told in first person alternately between Fatale and Dr. Impossible. The reader gets to see these characters in their down time. Two of the Champions members are divorced from each other. Another used to be a villain who dated Dr. Impossible, but now she has turned to gool Fatale watches them and the other Champions, wondering what makes them tick.  Dr. Impossible considers the problems involved in keeping out of sight, keeping his secret identity hidden, getting the equipment he needs, and once again threatening world peace.

If you enjoy super hero characters, cosplay, Comic-Con (in whatever city), comic books, or The Big Bang Theory, you should enjoy Soon I Will Be Invincible. Grossman never takes his book seriously, yet makes the Champions believable. Impossible is a caricature, the maniacal villain who none the less has a history that dwells within him. Fatale’s tone of combination of star struck and self doubt strikes a chord within the reader.

There are lots of holes in Soon I Will Be Invincible. We hear about the accident that makes Corefire a superhero, but only hear hints to Impossible’s accident that gave him his super powers. Impossible never does say WHY he wants to take over the world although at the end he talks about the best method to do so. The super people are unmasked, their quirks and fears exposed. But it’s shot gun, with some never explained and some only partially explained while others have their full stories exposed.

Grossman sticks his tongue in his cheek and entertains the reader with Soon I Will Be Invincible.

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