Song of Susannah by Stephen King


Song of Susannah by Stephen KingParanormal MysteryScience Fiction

Song of Susannah
Stephen King; Scribner 2005

Dark Tower VI

At the end of Wolves of the Calla, Susannah had disappeared into a parallel universe New York City. Susannah had been inhabited by another person/intelligence named Mia. She’s pregnant and the baby may be a demon. Roland’s group of gunslingers are certain the baby is not her husband Eddie’s, but instead tied up with a space vortex transition. They are determined to follow her.

They also have to get to that alternate universe to purchase a precious piece of land in Manhattan. They are trying to protect the current owner so they could by the property from him. They decide Pere Callahan and the boy Jake should go to Maine to buy the property with a symbolic, eternal rose. Roland and Eddie will go to New York City to rescue Susannah from Mia and the Crimson King. The Gateway has different ideas.

Roland and Eddie emerge in a small store in Maine in the middle of a gun battle. Mobsters from New York are waiting for them to prevent them from stopping the Crimson King or buying the property. After the battle, they locate the property owner, then have to go further. They realize they have to find an author who lives in Maine – the man who appears to have written Roland’s story in this universe – Stephen King.

Susannah’s journey through the Gateway takes her to New York City in 1999. Susannah/Mia discovers when and where she is, learns how she can manipulate people, and learns where she needs to go to deliver the baby. Susannah tries to stall the labor. Mia agrees until she can locate the man who promised to keep her and her baby safe. Susannah tries to keep her away, certain the man is lying to Mia about her own safety. All they really want is the baby.

Callahan and Jake land in New York City shortly after Susannah. They have to track her down and rescue her before the baby is born. They want to take her back to the Calla. They’ll settle for anyplace that is not controlled by the Crimson King.

Song of Susannah is a link book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower epic fantasy/science fiction/imaginative series. A reader SHOULD NOT start with this book. It only makes sense with the history from the earlier books of the series already in place in the reader’s imagination. It answers few questions, instead adding more.

King’s hubris is bringing in himself as a character is humorous and ends with the automobile accident at the side of the road in 1999. He shines a light on himself that isn’t flattering – showing his fight with alcoholism, his self doubts, and his stubbornness.

Song of Susannah is frustrating. The reader wants to get on with the story line of the Dark Tower. Song of Susannah is a reflective book that recounts what has happened to the characters earlier in the series. It brings the reader’s attention back to the overall arc of the story but gives little action – except for the gun battle in Main. The whole book takes place within a day.

This book is for the reader who already knows the Dark Tower saga. Song of Susannah is an explanatory tale, slow, takes forever to get to any point, and quite dark. It is the set up for the final book in the series.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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