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Silver Master (Ghost Hunters, Book 4) Silver MasterJayne Castle; Jove 2007WorldCatCelinda Ingram is a professional matchmaker in Cadence City on the planet Harmony. Her para psi powers allow her to see people’s personality psi emanations. It’s an asset in her job because she can usually tell when people belong together. So when she walks into her office and feels Davis Oakes she knows she’s met her match – Mr. Perfect.

Except he’s there with a police officer in an official capacity. Celinda is in possession of a stolen artifact. She had bought it from an antique store where the thief had hidden it. It belongs to the local Guild boss. Davis was hired to retrieve the ruby amber artifact. Celinda is willing to turn it over but her dust bunny, Arminita, grabs it and disappears with it.

Now Davis has to stay close to Celinda until they get the artifact back. When someone attacks them, Davis shows some amazing para psi abilities of his own. He is able to shut down ghost hunters without emanating his own ghosts. He has abilities he’s not willing to admit. When she has to attend her sister’s wedding, he goes with her to Frequency City as her “date” so he can protect her. There lives the man who ruined her career in her home town.

Again Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) has written a charming romantic suspense novel set on her planet Harmony. I like the para psychic abilities she develops and the characters she sets up. Dust bunnies are fun creatures as well. Celinda is a complex woman with full assurance in herself and some murky, scary memories that she keeps hidden. Davis is the wonderful, strong romance novel hero and fits right in with her novel I certainly like Silver Master and hope there are more Harmony novels.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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