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Side JobsParanormalParanormal Mystery Side JobsJim Butcher; Roc/New American Library 2010WorldCatHarry Dresden has been actively protecting Chicago from supernatural powers – vampires, faeries, werewolves, other wizards, demons, and ghosts – among other nasties – for twelve novels so far. But Jim Butcher also writes short stories about Harry for other anthologies. Side Jobs is the first book that brings ten of these previously published stories together. It also includes a new short story, “Aftermath” that starts about an hour after the end of Changes.

Many of these stories were written as part of a theme anthology – comedy, love, weddings, or whatever. Harry just can’t get a break, even on the little things. Billy and Georgia, the werewolves, are getting married. Harry is suddenly drafted as best man in their wedding. Unfortunately, someone else shows up and Harry has to protect them – “Something Borrowed”. He can’t take a “Day Off” without things happening on the supernatural realm.

Two of the stories aren’t told by Harry like the books are. Thomas, Harry’s half brother, narrates one of them – “Back Up”. With Thomas’s perspective the reader learns about some supernatural wars that Harry can’t know. Another one is told by Murphy – “Aftermath”, Again, her narration gives a perspective that Harry can’t give.

The rest of the stories, though, have Harry’s signature sarcasm, frustration, and smart mouth while telling his stories. One, “Restoration of Faith” is the first Dresden story – Butcher’s first effort, not published, before Storm Front. Butcher gives an introduction to each story. Also included is where the story falls within the Dresden timeline – between which books.

These stories are great for Harry Dresden’s fans. They add to the overall picture of Harry’s character and personality. For those who haven’t met Harry yet, this is a good introduction. The stories are shorter and Harry doesn’t get into desperate situations that appear almost impossible. They show what he can do and give some of his backstory. But don’t read the last story until reading the novels – specifically Changes.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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