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Shooting at Loons (Deborah Knott Mysteries) Shooting at LoonsMargaret Maron; Mysterious Press 1995WorldCatJudge Deborah Knott has been temporarily assigned to cover a bench on Harkers Island off the coast of southern North Carolina. It is an area where she had spent many a childhood summer, and she knew the area and the locals fairly well. Now she is settled in her cousins’ vacation home for a week or two in the middle of an active fishing trade that is getting squeezed by a growing tourist trade.

Unfortunately, one of the first things that happens is she comes across a body floating in the water where she hoped to get some clams. The man was an old, appreciated acquaintance who also was the head of an independent fisherman’s group. Soon she is involved in the social life of the island between the murder investigation, her bench work as judge, and as an impartial person in the fishery debate.

She has no idea how involved she will be before she is done. Her up North past returns down here in the South. There are poachers catching crops from the sea out of season (remember those clams she wanted?). There is a determined lady who is buying all the real estate possible for the tourist trade, irritating many of the long time fisher folk in the area.

Once again Maron delivers a winner. This book does not need the earlier Deborah Knott novels for any background or character development. It is excellent on its own. I was sick when I started this book, but every time I woke up for a short time, I was reading it again. It is an excellent mystery.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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