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Shield of Winter by Nalini SinghThe Psy Silence has fallen. Now the Psy race needs healing. Kaleb Krycheck believes the key to saving his people are the E designated empathic members. The Es had been suppressed since the Psy took up Silence 100 years earlier. Now they could be the most important Psy designation within the race.

Vasic is a Psy Arrow – an assassin and soldier. For many years the Arrows worked behind the scenes and were feared by all the Psy. Now they are in the open yet are still dangerous. They no longer work in the shadows. Vasic’s closest associate and friend Aden is in charge of the Arrows. Aden assigns Vasic to a special protection job.

Under Silence, Ivy Jane endured intense “rehab” treatments for her “broken” psyche. Since then her family had hidden out in farming country in Iowa, USA, region. They were protecting her from their own race. Ivy Jane is one of the strongest local E Psy members who isn’t a cardinal. Vasic is assigned to be Ivy Jane’s protector at a special retreat for Es. There they train to be a conduit in the Psy Net for members of the Psy race to heal their break from emotions.

The experiment with Ivy Jane and the other Psys at the retreat needs to come together quickly. The Dark Net is breaking through the Psy Net and causing people in the Psy race to break down into riots of madness. The riots caused leave hundreds of people dead and regions of complete destruction.

Vasic is completely frozen within himself. He can’t interact with other people except Aden. Ivy Jane can’t not interact with other people. Her family and neighbors understand that need. Vasic doesn’t. Ivy Jane feels something special for Vasic. She knows she shouldn’t touch him but she moves closer both emotionally and physically. Slowly Vasic realizes he isn’t as closed off as he had been. He and Ivy Jane have to stop the riots and stay alive. Perhaps they can also have a relationship – something most Psy haven’t had since Silence fell.

If you haven’t read any of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, you’ll be shortchanging yourself if you start with this one. It is self contained, but so much of the history of the past few years in Singh’s near future paranormal series is revived in Shield of Winter. Sasha Duncan, from the first book in the Psy-Changeling world, is a cardinal E Psy. Her expertise and her time living with emotional Changelings has given her the insights needed to open the telempathic talents of Ivy Jane and her companions as they attempt to save their Psy race.

Kaleb Krychek and Sahara from the book before Shield of Winter also have an important presence here. Krycheck is certain the Psy race can be saved from their mental deterioration. He is the strongest Psy in the world and knows that the Dark Net could destroy the Psy. Singh has developed her Psy-Changeling world through her series. Shield of Winter is best appreciated as part of the series.

Wonderful world, intriguing characters, and a sexy, improbable romance. Enjoy Nalini Singh’s Shield of Winter.

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