Seize the Night by Dean R. Koontz


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Seize the night Seize the NightDean Koontz; Bantam Books 1999WorldCatChristopher Snow has XP–xeroderma pigmentosum–a rare genetic affliction that forces him to avoid light. Cumulative exposure to sun, fluorescent lights, and the like will eventually give him cancer. In his first book, Fear Nothing, we learned how Chris copes with his affliction and the new revelations he learns about his city of Moonlight Bay after his parents die. Special genetic testing had (and was still) been performed at the nearby, supposedly closed, military base. In this book, we learn what has happened in the next month.

Moonlight Bay is changing; people are becoming. It is difficult to trust anyone in town. Now five-year-old Jimmy Wing has been kidnapped out of his bed. Chris just happens by the Wing home as Jimmy’s mother is looking for him minutes after the kidnapping. Chris and his dog, Orson, chase after the kidnapper. They follow the trail to Fort Wyvern, the closed military fort. While looking for the kidnapper, Orson disappears. Chris calls his best friend Bobby Holloway, who also comes out to Wyvern. Intelligent monkeys try to chase Chris. A bigfoot creature chases Bobby. When they meet up, things get even stranger.

This book reminds me why I do not appreciate horror. It is shudderingly well written. I had to take a break with something lighter part way through. It is an excellent followup to Fear Nothing, or can stand on its own. My skin is still crawling. The book ended with opening for a sequel. I hope it is out soon.

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