Seeing a Large Cat by Elizabeth Peters


Historical Mystery

Seeing a Large Cat Seeing a Large CatElizabeth Peters; Grand Central Publishing 1998WorldCatThe Emersons returns to Egypt to excavate a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This year they are going to be working on clearing a tomb that has already been opened. They are not on an exciting new find; instead they are increasing knowledge. As soon as they arrive in Cairo, Emerson is approached by Colonel Bellingham, an American, to come to work for him. Emerson works for no one but himself. To complicate matters, the Colonel’s extremely spoiled daughter, Dolly, needs someone to chaperone her. She sets her sights on the now grown Ramses.

Dolly convinces Ramses to dance with her, then take her for a walk. She is attacked, but Ramses is able to fend off the attacker. The Colonel is more insistent they help with his daughter. The Emersons refuse, but cannot avoid the Bellinghams.

The family is also given a note to stay away from a non-existent tomb. Amelia and Emerson realize there may be a tomb that is hidden as the note suggests. They finally start looking for it. They finally find this tomb. It has a mummy in it. This is not an ancient Egyptian mummy, though. This person had died and been mummified within the last ten years.

Seeing a Large Cat brings Ramses, Nefret, and David to young adult stage. The mystery is nicely woven in as well. Emerson and especially Amelia are learning to be parents that have to let go and trust their work up to that point. Yet they still need to protect the younger ones. Most of the novel is Amelia’s narrative. But the “editor” inserts pieces from an unknown manuscript H that tells the story from Ramses point of view. Since Ramses, David, and Nefret are now of an age they often are not within Amelia’s watch. Amelia speculates on some happenings, manuscript H explains them further.

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