Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz


Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseSecret Sisters by Jayne Ann KrentzHer grandmother died and Madeline Chase is now in charge of the family innkeeping business. She gets an urgent call from Tom, the old caretaker of their first bed and breakfast on an island off the coast of Washington. They had closed it down and moved away after Madeline was attacked 18 years earlier. Now Madeline returns to Washington.

She walks into a mystery. The caretaker is dying after being assaulted by an unseen intruder. Tom apologizes to Madeline when she finds him. He gives some cryptic clues as he fades in her arms. Now Madeline calls for help.

First she calls the head of security for the business, Jack Raynor. Jack calls the company IT specialist, his brother Abe. Then Madeline calls Daphne Knight. Although she hasn’t seen her best friend since that long ago night, Madeline has never forgotten her. Daphne leaves Las Vegas and heads to Washington. It’s almost as if the two girls hadn’t parted.

The attack was kept secret between Madeline, her grandmother, Tom, Daphne, and Daphne’s mother, as well as the attacker. But someone seems to have found out. Tom is dead. Perhaps her grandmother didn’t die of natural causes. And someone is trying to kill them.

I look forward to Jayne Ann Krentz’ new books under both her own name and her pseudonyms. Secret Sisters is her newest contemporary romantic suspense novel. This book held me fast. The mystery twists around on itself and the romance. Although expected, the romance is hot.

Secret Sisters is not only a romance and a mystery, but the story of how women reconnect. Madeline and Daphne haven’t seen each other in 18 years. But they have kept track of each other and know much of what is happening to each other. When they meet in Washington again, they discover their friendship is as close as it was when they were children. They are sisters of the heart.

There’s an extra bit of fun in the second chapter when Madeline is dumping the couples therapist she has been dating. If only all women could take that kind of power.

I felt the last few Krentz novels had been rushed and lightweight even though I enjoyed them. Secret Sisters is a stronger book. Krentz creates an overhanging atmosphere that keeps the book feeling like it’s always night, yet is not oppressive or chilling. A convincing conclusion and sparking romance kept me pulled in right through to the end of Secret Sisters

Notice: Strong sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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