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Second chair Second Chairby William Manchee.; Top Publications 2000WorldCatReviewed by Molly

My favorite kind of mystery! This has lots of action, keep you turning the page intrigue, skillful weaving of more than one theme and no ‘obligatory’ sex scene plunked into the mix in the mistaken belief that ‘obligatory’ sex will perhaps make up for poor story and will sell books anyway.

Dallas, Texas attorney Manchee puts his knowledge of the legal scene to good use in this well written tale. Little does Stan Turner, attorney, and his wife Rebekah realize when they invite friends and business associates to a holiday party that death, lawsuits and an ice storm will result that night. In the wake of the holiday party mishaps Stan Turner accepts a nearly impossible client to defend against a horrifying murder even as he finds his own life turned topsy turvy.

Writer Manchee cleverly plaits the various strands of the story and brings them all to a satisfying conclusion. Fuse the fast paced excitement of Les Roberts’ Pepper Pike with a hearty slosh of good old time Ellery Queen intrigue for a notion of what Second Chair is all about. This fifth mystery by author Manchee is a highly entertaining read.

The consternation felt by Stan Turner is obvious as he faces an apparent madman, defends his client and gets himself into hot water with the judge sitting the case. The interwoven issues Turner must deal with as he struggles to discover the truth behind his client’s problem, and his own, are ingeniously wrought in this exhilarating thriller. Author Manchee has an awareness of the legal scene many do not have. He puts that understanding to excellent use to present a narrative so gripping that you will not want to put the book down until you have reached the last page. Manchee’s characters are imaginative and well thought out. From the enigmatic fellow lawyer to the patient Rebekah each is singular and wholly plausible.

Second Chair offers the reader a fast paced, action packed thriller and makes me sorry I have only now discovered this particular series. I am now most anxious to read the first two of Manchee’s Stan Turner mysteries. This is an entertaining yarn that will grab you from the opening line and will carry you right on to the last page. Highly perspicacious and highly recommended.

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