The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book by Isaac Asimov, George R.R. Martin, Martin H. Greenberg, editors


Science FictionScience Fiction Weight Loss Book by Isaac Asimov

The Science Fiction Weight-Loss Bookedited by Isaac Asimov, George R.R. Martin, and Martin H. Greenberg.; Crown 1983WorldCatHow could I resist a title like The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book? I have been overweight most of my adult life. I have read, then ignored more diet books than I can count. (One of the ones I found most helpful is reviewed on my non-fiction page.) When I saw this title on the library catalog, I borrowed it immediately.

This book has a group of short stories about people and weight issues. I can’t say dieting because they are not all about losing weight. One short story takes place on a privately owned space station where fat is beautiful and thin people are probably ill. There is one about a scientist who force feeds a young man to see the effect of obesity. H.G. Wells writes a weight loss story with a twist. One man hires a new robot cook for his family to help them slim down.

Some of the stories are cute, some are forgettable, some are fun, some are ingenious. Many award winning authors are included here: Orson Scott Card, Frederik Pohl, and Robert Silverberg are a few who contributed to this volume. Stephen King‘s eerie Quitter’s Inc. tops off the collection.

There are fun stories in The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book. You won’t be sorry when you pick these up.

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