Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Science Fiction

Young Adult

Scarlet by Marissa MeyerScarlet has lived on a French farm with her grandmother since she was young. Now her Grandma Benoit is missing. Scarlet is sure the woman was kidnapped. The police have decided she left on her own and have closed the case. She is going to convince them to reopen the case. While making a vegetables delivery, she meets Wolf. He has escaped from a gang from Paris who fashion themselves after wolves – and perhaps has been genetically modified to be like one.  When she gets a clue about her grandmother that leads back to Wolf’s pack, she convinces him to return to Paris with her to rescue her grandmother.

Lindh Cinder is in jail because Queen Levana from the Moon demanded she be detained. The queen wants Cinder because Cinder has the ability to block the Lunars’ mind manipulations that most people from Earth cannot resist. When Cinder escapes Queen Levana insists she be recaptured or the Lunars will declare war on Earth. Cinder gets help and is soon orbiting the Earth in a hidden, stolen spaceship.

Marissa Meyer has extended her Lunar Chronicles with Scarlet, a worthy sequel to a fascinating world. I believe (hope) this is a trilogy. I’m excited about the final installment. In the meantime, Scarlet set up new dimensions in the future where some people have emigrated to the Moon, gained new genetic powers, and now seek to dominate the Earth. Where most things are genetically enhanced or mechanically supplemented. Cyborgs are common but considered second class citizens. Cinder has known that because she’s a cyborg, she’s not as good as her stepmother or her dead stepsister.

Of course there’s a handsome prince in the mix. Queen Levana wants to marry him so she can control Earth without an all out war. She’s willing to wage war  if necessary. In Cinder the reader learns the Lunars have been sneaking onto Earth for years. We learn more about them in Scarlet.

Meyer’s book Scarlet for young adults is well-paced and keeps the reader caught up in this continuing story. The characters are believable and easy for the reader to identify with. Good reading, well done science fiction, and a fun book. The fairy tale foundation makes it even better. Enjoy Scarlet.

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