Sassinak by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon


Science Fiction

Sassinak (Planet Pirates, Vol 1) SassinakAnne McCaffrey; Baen 1990WorldCatSassinak’s family lived on a colony planet. When she was about twelve, the planet was attacked. Her family was killed and she was kidnapped by slavers. She learned how to be powerless. She was fortunate enough to meet Abe. He had been a member of the Fleet before he was captured. He was able to give her some subtle Fleet training before she was sold to work on a space ship.

When the Fleet comes across the renegade space ship, Sassinak is freed from slavery. She decides to join the Fleet. She attends the academy. It’s difficult because of her background. But Sassinak is determined to make her guardian proud of her. She wants to join the Fleet and help catch the rogue groups behind the slavers.

I pulled Sassinak out of Mt. Bookpile because I was in the midst of writing a major paper for school. I carry a diversional book for when I find myself waiting at doctors’ office, etc. This was more than diversional. McCaffrey, along with Moon, has pulled out another exciting story about a strong female character. I finished the paper, but kept wanting to read instead. McCaffrey satisfies again. Now I know there’s a sequel…

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