Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel Carr


Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel CarrHistorical Romance Ripe for PleasureIsobel Carr; Forever 2011WorldCatAs the second son to a Duke, Lord Leonidas Vaughn will inherit very little money. In order to maintain the horse farm he inherited from his grandfather and the lifestyle he had all his life, he needed to find more money. He believes he knows where there is a hidden treasure. He has to get himself accepted into a household to get the chance to search the building.

It is no hardship for Leon. He takes pleasure in the idea of luring and seducing Mrs. Viola Whedon, one of London’s most exclusive courtesans. He knows she won’t be easy to catch – it’s her profession to catch and seduce men. He’s going to have fun trying, though.

Viola knows she is near the end of her courtesan career. By 27, she is getting old enough that other women are catching the eye of the philandering gentlemen in society. She has written her memoirs of the past ten years in two volumes. Her first volume has already scandalized Regency London. When she finishes the second volume, she should have enough money to carry her through the rest of her life in relative comfort.

Unfortunately, her last lover is angry that he will be in this volume and is trying to stop her. When thugs break into her home looking for the unpublished manuscript, it is Lord Vaughn who rescues her. She doesn’t realize he has been waiting his chance to get her attention. A white knight certainly does that.

Isobel Carr’s Ripe for Pleasure is a fair story surrounded by a lot of sexual innuendo and a number of bedroom (or wherever they are) scenes. The League of Second Sons is an intriguing concept and understandable for Regency London. Carr does a good job making Viola real – making a courtesan one of the main characters is risky. The bad guy is a bit too thin – all surface character with little depth. But again, the main focus of this book isn’t the story, it’s the sex scenes.

If you like hot, sexy romance, you’ll find it here in Ripe for Pleasure. If you want an involving story to go with it, look somewhere else.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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