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Rion by Susan Kearney RionSusan Kearney; Harlequin 2007WorldCat

After her brother and his wife returned from Pendragon, Marisa discovers she has the dragon shaping abilities. She had been a journalist, but now has a new job. Her special telepathic powers she had shared with her brother Lucan before now worked with any human who can shift from human to dragon form. She now is an instructor for new dragons as these people learn to control their new bodies.

Lucan brought another man with him, as well. Rion is from the planet Honor. His own planet had been overrun by an evil race, the Unari. The Unari may be part of the Arthurian legend of the Tribes out to destroy Avalon. Rion needs to return to Honor, but there are roadblocks. Earth government won’t agree to open a space portal for him to return because of the dangers. If he were to get back, it’s not safe to go straight back to Honor. He has to go to Honor’s neighboring planet Tor, which has an uneasy alliance with Honor. Then he has to sneak onto his own planet without being caught by the Unari. Only then can he figure a way to save his people.

Rion also knows that Marisa’s abilities will be invaluable on Honor. The Unari have a hold on the Honorians that may not be broken. There is a chance her telepathy can break through the mental hold of pain that keeps the Honorian people stuck as dragons and enslaved. He knows of a secret portal from Earth to Tor. He kidnaps Marisa and takes her off planet against her will. Can she save Honor. Can she forgive him?

I liked this novel’s story line and characters. Yet the story is intertwined and murky, making it a slow read. I can’t pick anything special as to why it’s slow. I enjoy science fiction and romance novels and am happy when I find them together. That doesn’t make them all great reads. This one is an average read that is part of a series. I am looking forward to the rest.

Word of warning – the sex scenes (expected in any “romance” novel these days) are soft porn. While the violence isn’t graphic, there is enough to make the reader wince.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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