Ringworld by Larry Niven


Science Fiction

Ringworld RingworldLarry Niven; Del Rey 1985WorldCatNesus the Puppeteer has come to Earth to recruit others to join him. Human Louis Wu agrees to join the Puppeteer (one of the most timid species in the galaxy). His current girlfriend, Teela Brown, is also recruited. She is reluctant, but finally agrees to join the exploration team. The fourth and final member is Speaker-to-Animals, a Kzin, a warrior species.

The Puppeteers have discovered a new…planet. They have named it Ringworld. It is a manufactured planet with similarities to a Dyson Sphere. Instead of an enclosed structure with a sun in the middle, Ringworld is a planet ribbon surrounding a sun. Nesus, Louie, Teela, and Speaker fly to Ringworld to learn about this amazing structure. They hope to learn about the creators of this planet as well.

This is one of the classics in science fiction. Niven has created a new planet that is along the physics of a Dyson Sphere.

I could not get pulled into this novel. I enjoyed it. Yet it didn’t rise above the normal good science fiction novels I read. The end was a bit strange. I’m glad I finally read this, and may read the sequels. But I doubt I will re-read this.

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