Replay by Ken Grimwood


Science Fiction

Replay ReplayKen Grimwood; Perennial 2002WorldCat

Jeff Winston is 43 years old when he dies of an unexpected heart attack in 1988. His afterlife surprises him, though. He wakes up as himself in 1963 at college in Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Once he gets past the shock, he realizes he has the chance to correct the mistakes he has made in his lifetime. He knows how to make money – he has foreknowledge of events.

He knows how to change his future. So he does. The results are unexpected to Jeff. He discovers this new existence has a new set of problems and hurts. His life is very different this time around, but no easier with his relationships. He continues on until 1988. Then he dies.

And Jeff wakes up in 1963. He is in college at Emory. Again? Jeff is a replayer. He has the chance to live his life over, whether he wants it or not. Well, the first two times didn’t go as well as he would have liked. He gets to try again.

Whew! This book is the 25-year-version of the movie Groundhog Day. (It was published before the movie was made.) I was intrigued in the ways the main character(s) chose to relive their lives. Each lifetime has its new twists and turns. I like the way the author took his characters in different directions, trying new ideas and pathways for them. I liked this time travel book and recommend it highly.

Notice: Suggestive dialogue or situations

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