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The Relic (Pendergast, Book 1) The RelicDouglas J. Preston; Lincoln Child; Tor Books 2003WorldCatThe New York Museum of Natural History is preparing a new exhibition, Superstition. Unfortunately, there may be a problem. Two young boys are found dead; the remainders of their bodies are gruesome. The NYPD wants to close the museum during the investigation. Yet it would be a public relations disaster to close it even for a few days.

Margo Green is one of the botanist student/scientists at the museum. She is finishing her dissertation with one of the most brilliant evolution scientists in the world, Dr. Frock. She is having trouble finishing because of Dr. Frock’s inattention and her father’s death. She is drafted into helping identify some of the plants for the new exhibition.

As the opening approaches, an FBI man from New Orleans arrives to take over the investigation. Margo believes she is followed when in the restricted hall alone. A policeman disappears without anyone noticing. The rumors are flying about the beast in the Museum. Is there a beast? Or is there a serial killer haunting the Museum?

This book is an excellent chiller. Preston and Child take modern science, ancient superstition and mythology, and evolution to create a supernatural horror story. Even though I could guess what was going to happen, it still haunted me as the storyline built. I am recommending this to my daughter, the horror junkie.

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