Red Prophet by Orson Scott Card


FantasyRed Prophet by Orson Scott Card Red ProphetOrson Scott Card; Tor Fantasy 1992WorldCat The Wobbish Territory is split in two sections by philosophy. It should soon be populated by enough White colonists for it to join America. The Red population is still quite large but is dwindling or changing. General William Harrison down on the Hio River supplies liquor to the Reds to conquer them insidiously. Armor-of-God Weaver preaches Christianity and tries to convert Reds to Whites’ way of believing.

Lolla-Wossiky, a Shaw-Nee with only one eye, is always drunk. He practically grovels for Harrison to get more liquor. His brother, Ta-Kumsaw, is a respected Shaw-Nee chief who hates the Whites. He disdains Harrison and other Whites in charge of the Americans who have moved in and started destroying the land. The Reds are losing their land sense. One day Lolla-Wossiky gets his chance. He is able to steal a keg of liquor and goes North. There he meets Armor-of-God who tries to convert him. One night he follows a vision of light and meets young Alvin Miller. It is their encounter that changes Lolla-Wossiky to the Red Prophet named Tenskwa-Tawa. It is their encounter that shows Alvin he must never use his special gifts for his own gain.

One day two boys are kidnapped from the Vigor community. The Reds involved are unknown, but they lay the blame on the kidnapping on Ta-Kumsaw and the Prophet. They are trying to stir up trouble that would lead to war. It takes the combined efforts of the Prophet and Alvin to protect America from future destruction.

Red Prophet is the second novel in Orson Scott Card’s Tales of Alvin Maker. The first half or so of the book follows Lolla-Wossiky over the same time period as the first novel, Seventh Son. This series is an alternate history of what could have happened when the American continents were discovered and conquered by the White Man. Psychical and magical talents develop, confounding Christians and Heathens alike, rather than a scientific and conquering approach used for the Whites to take the land.

Alvin is the seventh son of a seventh son and his talents are extraordinary. When Lolla-Wossiky wants his brother Ta-Kumsaw protected, it is young Alvin he recruits rather than Ta-Kumsaw’s fierce warriors. In order to stop a war between the Reds and Whites, and the North of the Wobbish Territory and the South, Alvin has to pull on his strengths to understand people and make the changes needed.

Card’s Red Prophet is exciting and busy. Alvin is getting ready to become a blacksmith’s apprentice when the approaching war diverts his plans. His family still doesn’t understand what he can do – nor does he. He keeps learning as he follows his unexpected path.

Red Prophet is a vivid picture of the conflicts for land in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in the United States. Card uses the points of view from numerous characters on both sides, showing the emotions and grievances on both sides. It will be interesting to see where this saga goes next.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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