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TweenFantasy Reckless by Cornelia FunkeRecklessCornelia Funke; Little, Brown 2010WorldCatWhen he was 11, Jacob Reckless found a way to escape his home into an alternate land where fairy tales live, the Mirrorworld. Over the years he became a rogue, made unusual friends, was a finder of lost magic objects, and made a name for himself. Now, about ten years later, he faces the worst problem of his life in Mirrorworld.

His younger brother, Will, discovered his secret and followed him in. Will is attacked by a Goyl and poisoned. Now he is slowly turning into one of the stone men.  The only way Jacob can rescue Will is by getting to the Dark Fairy and getting the spell reversed. She doesn’t leave the side of the King of the Goyl, so Jacob has to find a way to sneak into the Goyl castle in their capital.

Jacob and Will are joined by a shape shifting vixen, Fox, and Will’s girlfriend from Earth, Clara. Before this Will didn’t know where Jacob disappeared to for months at a time. Now Will is quickly learning the dark side of Mirrorworld. Ask Jacob, though, there aren’t many light sides of Mirrorworld. Everything and everyone there can be dangerous. The witches are gone, but their poisonous gingerbread houses are still there. The merpeople want to drag humans underwater, drown them, and eat them. The Goyl want to leave their underground cavern and take over the upper world under the sky. Jacob wants to get Will and Clara back to their home world and lives.

Cornelia Funke’s Reckless is a novel written for tweens. It is full of her magical imagination. Mirrorworld is a dark, dangerous world that will appeal to boys at that age. Girls will enjoy the romance, but may not be a drawn to this world or these novels.

Reckless is tangled and winding. At times it is slow moving, but keeps going. Much of Jacob’s Mirrorworld history is slowly revealed. He has a complex relationship with Fox who can be either a girl or a vixen. There are dangers in every region. Some are fairly obvious, others are hidden. Funke’s imagination put together a believable world.

This is an interesting novel. I am sure it will appeal to the males in the target age group. There are many loose ends that can be picked up in the next novel of the series. I found the book intriguing and still find the ideas worming around in my mind. As usual, Funke challenges her readers in Reckless.

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