Ram Song by Sharon Webb


Science Fiction

Ram song Ram SongSharon Webb; Atheneum 1984WorldCatRam Song is the third and final novel of the Earth Song Triad. This novel complements the first two, yet stands well on its own also.

Kurt Kraus has been in the Ram ship for ten thousand years. Humans have settled the galaxy. They continue to offer mankind the choice of artistic talents or eternal life.

Aulos was one of the planets settled. Yet thousands of years before there had been a quake that divided them from the Ram ship. They had lost the process of immortality. They are now a mortal civilization struggling like any other.

At the beginning of the novel, the Ram ship senses trouble. There is something out there, but they’re not sure what. Kurt’s daughter has disappeared in one of the small craft. She has been able to project a holograph of herself to the planet Aulos and is able to contact a few of the people there. Picardy, Shawm, and Dorion must find the key that Kurt knows is on the planet. They have to deal with the realization that the Ram is real, not myth. They also realize if they cannot help the Ram ship, their planet may be destroyed.

Ram Song is nicely done. There is the evil element that could ruin everything. Picardy is a good, unwilling heroine. There are times Ram Song gets confusing, but Sharon Webb’s novel unmires itself. I would recommend this book.

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