Pussyfoot by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy MysteryPussyfoot by Carole Nelson Douglas

PussyfootCarole Nelson Douglas; TOR 1993WorldCatTemple Barr and Midnight Louie become involved in a new mystery in Las Vegas. An exotic dancer (stripper) was killed during rehearsals for an annual competition. The man who handled the public relations for the competition had a heart attack when he discovered the body. He asked Temple to take over the competition and finish the work needed.

Midnight Louie has discovered his love, the Divine Yvette, is in town. When he visits her, he is an unwitting witness during the murder. He only saw the murderer’s legs. He is around when the murderer attacks another dancer. Again he misses the identity. He is interested in the murder; he is more interested in the Divine Yvette.

Temple learns more about stripping as she takes over the competition public relations. These women (and men) are not prostitutes. They are dancers who exploit themselves and their customers. Their histories are varied. Temple learns there is a high percentage of them who had been abused as children and have no self confidence except when on that stage. Unfortunately, in the next three days, three more women are murdered.

I enjoyed this book. The mystery’s clues are subtle. We learn more about Temple, and Temple learns more about her disappearing lover, Max. Midnight Louie offers his occasional insight into the story and the murder. This is a light, quick read.

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