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Prince Caspian (Narnia) Prince CaspianC. S. Lewis; HarperTrophy 1994WorldCatPeter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy are sitting at the train station, waiting to return to school. It’s the end pf the summer and the four are heading different directions. But something is wrong. They’re being yanked away from the benches – backwards, by an invisible force. They discover themselves on an island. Have they returned to Narnia?

They explore their island. Nothing looks familiar. They discover an apple tree to get food and a ruined old castle where they can sleep for the night. Some vague notions come to each of them. Finally they realize – time has played tricks again. Yes, they are back in Narnia. But it isn’t the land they remember – it is many, many years later. The ruin is their own castle from when they ruled Narnia, Cair Parivel.

They see two soldiers dump something in the water and quickly row off. They rescue the bundle – a dwarf. After being convinced they are the old kings and queens, the dwarf tells them the story of current Narnia. Prince Caspian, the true king of Narnia, quietly learns of old Narnia. The current humans don’t believe in talking animals, dwarves, centaurs, tree spirits or any other magical beings. But Caspian believes what he learns – and yearns to meet the old Narnian dwellers. When his uncle’s wife has a son he is forced to flee the castle for his life. Now Caspian must find the old Narnians in order to live and regain his land. Can he find them? If he does, will they accept him?

The Land of Narnia – C. S. Lewis conjures a fascinating world for young readers. Narnia doesn’t pall for the older reader like myself, either. Prince Caspian is a charming, wonderful book. It is equal to the original book in the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The characters feel real to the readers and we want to journey to Narnia ourselves. This is a rich feeling book that envelops the reader. This is a don’t miss book in a don’t miss series.

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