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ParanormalParanormal SuspenseParanormal RomancePlay of Passion by Nalini Singh Play of PassionNalini Singh; Berkley 2010WorldCat Lieutenant Indigo Riviere is one of the strongest members of the SnowDancer wolf Changeling pack. As important as touch is to the pack, Indigo tends to be wary. She enjoys flings, but avoids relationships. When Drew Kincaid, the pack tracker, decides to take their friendship to a relationship level, Indigo backs off. Drew attracts women constantly with his easy charm, good looks, and attention to their wants and needs. He is dominant, but she believes she is stronger. No ones knows how dominant Drew is because his position is outside of normal pack heirarchy. The worse thing is, he’s four years younger than she is.

While Drew is trying to convince Indigo he would be a good mate for her, the Psy Council member Henry Scott is plotting a new way to strengthen his race. He, his wife, and another Councilor want to pull the Psy race into a program that would allow them to effectively rule the world. The Councilors who live in western United States and the two Changeling packs in the northern California territory, SnowDancer and the DarkRiver leopards, appear to be the most formidable opponents. Scott plans another attack and stealthily moves into the SnowDancer territory. The strike that is planned could demoralize the pack and affect the power structure in the area, which then affects the power structure around the world.

Nalini Singh has created an exciting world that exists in the late 21st century. In the mid-20th century, there were three races on Earth – the humans, the Changelings, and the Psy. The Psy chose to bury their emotions and withdraw from society. They rose to the top of business and overall society. Recently, though, their Silence has been breaking which is causing insanity among their people. They have to adjust or lose their power.

Play of Passion returns to the packs of Changelings. It is sexy, hot, and fascinating. Their world is nurturing as well as strong, potentially violent. The pack is loyal to each others and those with whom they allied themselves, like DarkRiver. There are a few Psy who have left their own people and have married into or joined both clans.

Indigo has an understandable reason for resisting Drew for dominance reasons. She has seen what happens when a dominant female mates to a non-dominant male who resents her. Yet he is charming and sexy and romantic and…younger than her! His dominance is definitely high, but can he match her? Can she resist the roses and chocolate and cheesecake he keeps offering?

Singh’s Play of Passion is exciting and fun. Scott’s end play is unexpected and a bit off, pulling away a bit from the conflict. Yet it leads to some alliances that couldn’t have been predicted when the first page is opened. Drew and Indigo’s fiery romance is well done. Drew’s actions will make any romantic sigh and wish for one like him in her (or his) life. The sex scenes are sweltering and explicit, yet do not overwhelm the overall book. The Psy-Changeling series is now to a point that to follow the over arc of the story it’s probably better to read the books in order. Even so, a new reader should get enough explanation to make Singh’s world plausible and for the reader to “get it”.

If you like hot, paranormal romance, check out all the Psy-Changeling novels, including the delicious Play of Passion.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong language

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