Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson


Paranormal RomanceParanormal MysteryParanormalPirate's Alley by Suzanne JohnsonThere are political upheavals in the supernatural world. D.J. Jaco, the wizard sentinel in New Orleans, is right in the middle of it. She is “married” to a powerful elf, Quince Randolph. The head of the Council of Elders’ son was turned into a vampire who still has his wizarding powers as well as the strength and abilities of a vampire. D.J. was forced to “kill” her ghost friend Jean Lafitte and send him back to the Never.

D.J.’s personal life isn’t much better. Her relationship ship with Alex Warin, an enforcer for the wizards, is on rocky ground, especially since Rand took a blood bond with her to prevent her from becoming a loup-garou. Her closest friend Eugenie has a big personal problem that could also affect the supernatural world. She’s caught between all her friends and bosses.

Now a new council formed by the heads of the different supernatural groups – the wizards, the vampires, the elves, and the fae. Their first meeting will be here in New Orleans. Alex has to attend as an enforcer. Rand is one of the elven leaders. Lafitte represents the Undead. Her merman friend Rene’s father is the shifter representative. D.J. has to attend the meeting because she is the local sentinel. This promises to be an explosive meeting – more so than D.J. would have guessed before it began.

If you haven’t read the earlier books in Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels of New Orleans series, I don’t suggest you start with Pirate’s Alley. This is a bridge book. The story in Pirate’s Alley rests on the events in Elysian Fields.

Pirate’s Alley is fast moving and edge of the seat. It doesn’t have the charm of the earlier novels in the series, yet fits in well with the current events in supernatural New Orleans. It leaves the reader hanging for the next book in Johnson’s series. For supernatural fun, check out Pirate’s Alley.

Notice: Graphic fantasy violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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