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Science Fiction

Perelandra PerelandraC. S. Lewis; Scribner Paperback Fiction 1996WorldCatRansome once again finds himself traveling off of Earth. This time he has gone to Venus. He discovers a new, unspoiled environment. The planet is covered with water. The land masses are floating islands. The fruit is exquisite. The animals are beautiful. The people – there are two, a man and a woman.

He is the representative for Good and meets the equivalent of Eve. His nemesis from Out of the Silent Planet, Westin, also arrives. Westin has been taken over by one of the evil beings that live on Earth. The Lady is excited to meet Ransome and learn from him. When Westin joins them, she learns even more. It is up to Ransome to help her determine the path to follow to stay true to her Creator.

This is a science fiction book that parallels the Genesis story on Venus (Perelandra). C.S. Lewis was a logical Christian. He had a profound faith in God and Christ. This novel shows how this faith can be spread in a logical way. Ransome is a hero that anyone can identify with. Ransome has the same faith, yet also understands the appeal of the half truths of evil.

This is the second time I have read this novel, the second of a trilogy. I was not impressed at all twenty five years ago. While I still prefer Out of the Silent Planet, I liked this book better this time. As I said, it is easy to identify with Ransome. I shuddered at some of the acts of the unman that Westin becomes. This book was written in the 1940’s, and the discoveries about Venus have changed since then, but that does not distract from the story.

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