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Science Fiction

Pegasus in space Pegasus In SpaceAnne McCaffrey; Ballantine 2000WorldCatAbout forty years ago Ms. McCaffrey wrote a short story based on humans with telepathic and telekinetic powers that transported cargo around to different space bases. From that story (and I’m not certain it was the first one of the group) came others tracing the history of the Talents, and eventually turning into the novel Rowan and subsequent novels in the Talent saga. This is the lastest novel which chronologically predates Rowan by a generation or so. We learn about Peter Reidinger and the beginning of the Federated Telepath and Teleport company.

This is a worthy addition to the saga, yet stands on its own. It would be a good place to start if none of the other books had been read although it builds on stories from Pegasus in Flight. Peter is a major Talent, with telekinetic, teleporting and telepathic powers that have not yet reached their full potential. Also, he is paralyzed from an accident when a wall fell on him. All his movement from shoulders down is done through telekinesis.

He lives with his adopted family, Dorotea Horvath, his “grandmother”, and Amariyah Bantam, his adopted younger sister. While still too young to be officially employed as a telepath, he helps with some crises and makes some enemies. As he turns 18 he is able to fulfill his dreams of going into space and helping with the new space station and space exploration programs. He learns how to increase the use of his talent and powers.

I highly recommend this book. The Talent stories have been favorites of mine, and this one fills in some spots to round out the saga.

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