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Pawn of Prophecy (The Belgariad, Book 1) Pawn of ProphecyDavid Eddings; Del Rey 1986WorldCat

Garion is an orphan being raised by his Aunt Pol. She is the head cook of a large farm in Sendaria. Garion is growing up with other friends on the farm. He especially enjoys when the old storyteller, Old Wolf, comes to stay with them. Old Wolf is one of the few people who can get around Aunt Pol.

Aunt Pol is hiding information from Garion. She is very protective of him. He asks questions that she puts off. Old Wolf is more tolerant of his questions but still as secretive. Then there is that strange dark man he sees in the distance occasionally.

One evening Old Wolf returns to the farm sooner than expected. He tells Aunt Pol something Garion does not understand. Aunt Pol resigns from her position as cook. She and Garion leave with Old Wolf for an adventure Garion does not comprehend. He goes along with Aunt Pol because he has no choice.

Pawn of Prophecy is an excellent start to this new fantasy adventure series for me. David Eddings writes with a light touch and bits of humor thrown in. Although this is obviously only the beginning of a more intricate tale, it stands well, if unfinished, on its own. Garion has a lot to learn about Aunt Pol, Old Wolf, and himself.

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