Orion by Ben Bova


Science Fiction

Orion OrionBen Bova; Tor Science Fiction 1992WorldCatOrion was created to save mankind from annihilation by Ahriman. He is a superhuman who is fighting an apparent god. Orion travels backwards through time as Ahriman travels forward. They keep meeting, each trying to destroy the other at these meetings.

Orion is also meeting Aretha in each of these stops. Each new acquaintance with her brings him closer to her. And out there, above mankind, is Ormazd, Orion’s creator. He has given the directive to destroy Ahriman before Ahriman can rip apart the space time continuum.

I was disappointed with this book. It started very well. But with each section of time travel I enjoyed it less. I’m sure part of it is the blatant twisting of my Christian beliefs. For example, the story of Noah and the flood is totally rewritten. Yet that does not normally affect my enjoyment in a well told tale.

I felt this mired down as it progressed further with the conflict. I know Orion is regarded as one of Bova’s better works. I’m glad I did not start reading his works with this one, or I would have missed some great science fiction.

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