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Orchid by Jayne Castle OrchidJayne Castle; Pocket 1998WorldCatSt. Helens is a space colony that was found eons ago by the Founders from Earth. As humans lived here over the years everyone developed some sort of psychic talent. These talents come in different forms and at different levels. Marriages are arranged through brokers to match people by their talents and compatibilities. Marriage is for life, with no divorce, so the marriage agencies have to be very careful. This system works very well for St. Helens.

Orchid is a high level talent who serves as a focus for other talents, or a prism. She waited many years but finally submitted her name to a marriage agency. So far, the only man she was matched with did not work out.

Rafe has a high talent hunting talent. He pretends it is lower than it really is to protect himself. He has submitted his name to a different marriage agency who has not been able to match him up, either. Rafe decides to defy convention and start looking for possible wives on his own, then have the agency confirm which would be a good match.

Rafe hires Orchid to help him in a minor theft investigation, his hobby. She does not meet all his social needs, but is one of the best focal talents he has ever met. She also has an attraction for him he cannot deny. Orchid feels the same attraction for Rafe. Their society does not condemn affairs before the finality of marraige, and the two get together.

Meanwhile, Rafe is hired to search for a missing artifact. He has Orchid help him. Quickly one of Orchid’s special talent friends is found killed, and was presumed to have stolen the artifact. Rafe and Orchid are drawn into a mystery of psychic talents, murder, and blackmail.

I had so much fun with Orchid. Jayne Castle’s (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) novel is decent, not outstanding, writing, and is light and enjoyable.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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