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One Incredible Dog! Boone (One Incredible Dog!) One Incredible Dog! BooneChris Williams; Moo Press 2005WorldCatReview by Molly

The narrative encompasses 32 pages filled with prose and black and white ‘pen and ink’ type drawings. Boone, Daniel Boone is a big, friendly Search and Rescue dog. Boone helps find people who are lost or hiding. Boone learned to be a Search and Rescue dog by playing Hide and Seek with his friends Teri and Jim. He learned to play his game in many places: factories and train stations, country path and city streets. He even learned to play his game in all kinds of weather. Teri and Jim bring Boone to visit classrooms. The children love Boone and he loves them too. Boone needs to sniff something belonging to the lost person when he begins a hunt. Boone’s special word is Find, when Boone hears Find he knows he must play his Hide and Seek game. Boone finds a girl who is lost and he finds an old man. Boone can even find a man who runs away with a lady’s purse. Hound dog Boone is One Incredible Dog.

One Incredible Dog! Boone, second in the One Incredible Dog series, is an admirable work created by writer Williams and illustrator Friedman to encourage children’s awareness for how a Search and Rescue dog may spend a typical day. Crafted in an easy reading, child friendly style filled with well-written prose and child appealing illustrations One Incredible Dog! Boone is a publication sure to please the target audience of young listeners/readers.

Booneis a real hound, an actual Search and Rescue dog, who has earned many awards for his search and rescue work. Boone lives in Pennsylvania where he works as a Search and Rescue dog.

One Incredible Dog! Boone is certain to prove an asset in the classroom for unit work as well as ‘free time reading’. Vocabulary used is beyond reading capability of most younger readers, however it is within the scope of any middle grade readers who will enjoy reading the book to younger students. The sturdy well crafted edition is a must have for the public school library, the home school classroom and on the home library pleasure reading shelf where it will stand up to repeated use.

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