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Obsidian prey Obsidian PreyJayne Castle; Jove Books 2009WorldCatLyra Dore is an independent ruin rat, excavating in the tunnels for alien artifacts. A few months ago she found large amethyst ruins in the underground rainforest. Her special powers work especially well with amethyst amber. When she tried to sell some of the artifacts, the government sanctioned Amber, Inc., stepped in and took over the claim. She started dating a man she later learned to be the CEO of Amber, Inc., Cruz Sweetwater. When Amber, Inc. took over he revealed who he was. Lyra stopped dating him and sued the company for ownership of the ruins. She spent most of her money yet still lost.

Now, three months later, Cruz walks back into Lyra’s life. Five of his employees are trapped in the amethyst ruins. Lyra has proven to be the only person on Harmony so far who can work the amethyst amber. Cruz needs her to come spring the energy trap. He knows Lyra wouldn’t help him under normal circumstances but she would abandon the people trapped. She accompanies him and gets them out. Then she agrees to have dinner with him.

When they first started dating Lyra was sure there was something between them. Then she learned his real name and the bad blood between their grandfathers – and the amethyst ruins – took over, breaking them apart. Lyra still feels the pull – plus she still hopes to get her claim back even though she lost her court suit. She has a small amber tuning shop and still excavates, but the amethyst ruins could get her ahead rather than always just behind in her finances. When they leave dinner that evening, a couple ghost hunters attack them outside. Cruz has a new psychic power he is able to focus to defeat the hunters. One thing Lyra hears before Cruz takes control is “Don’t hurt the woman. You can kill the man.” They are after her, not the man who is one of the most powerful on the planet of Harmony. Now Cruz refuses to leave her alone until they discover what is going on and who is behind the attacks.

Obsidian Prey is Jayne Castle’s (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) newest book set on Harmony, a planet humans settled. When they were later cut off from Earth, they rebuilt their lives and survived, losing their technology but gaining psychic powers emanating from alien ruins all over the planet. New powers are emerging all the time now that humans have been there a couple hundred years. This is a fun paranormal romantic suspense novel without much depth. Lyra has a dust bunny, as the characters from the earlier books do, and is a strong female character. Cruz is more of a paper figure in this novel. He’s predictable (perhaps because I’ve read the others and all the strong males have similar personalities?)

This is still a fun book, a quick easy read (it took me a quiet Saturday afternoon and evening to read it). It’s good for its genre and leaves the romantic at heart with a satisfied sigh.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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